Monday, April 17, 2006

Snowing in Spring. That's how radiculous the weather over here at Shenyang get. We have experienced two snowing days so far for the past week. Work is hell still, juz make me wanna get out of here and get back with my boys and girls on the island and do what we best know, to roll and kick some fun.

Fuji Rock Fest's lineup seem too boring so far. Got on the phone with Yang last night and we are considering other options, like Summer Sonic or maybe even SONAR but i would still prefer to head for Japan instead of Spain so unless it has some kick ass acts that would seem like a very small chance.

Don't mess with the West Coast Yo !



dude... mai tu liao... Sonar!
Herbert and Dani!! Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos. plus all the interactive installations.. I'm sure it will be KICK ass.
Summersonic seems boring too... if you can fly with Yang NOW... maybe can check out coachella?????

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