Thursday, April 13, 2006

  • Juz find out from Dan F's blog that he had completed a remix for U.N.K.L.E featuring Ian Astbury (The Cult) on vocal . Dan F X U.N.K.L.E x The Cult ... doesn't that sound like a CLASSIC to u ?? All yer breakbeat fan better keep your eyes on this one !

  • The Freshness Crewz had put up a Gallery for SBTG featuring his collection to date . When I say this dude put Singapore on the map of street fashion, it's an understatement. So go check it out and show some love !
  • Work are juz crazy for tis whole week ... it's draining me fast and I dun like it. have to put aside my design stuff for a while. My mind is in a blank, juz can't concentrate and no inspiration. It's only April and I already feel like I need a break from all this craziness.


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