Friday, February 10, 2006

Let's drink again dudes !

It's funny how you can spend one of your best night with people whom you only met a few times but still can talk like old friends.

So yer guys take good care of yerself , Ah9-Airhole-Aberwyn the 3As , more when I get back ! And don't let no shitz get u down dudes !

Meanwhile , some news in my mailbox got me crazy :

Jamie Hewlett's art on Stained Glass !? The Church of Jamie Hewlett prehaps ??


1819 said...

Hey dude, we've linked you up on 1819! Keep in touch then! Cheers~

Ah 9 said...

1819 - yes u have linked this guy up...good shit and info and stuff he has. Hehe

shion - yah man...nice drinking with ya...check ur gmail yah? =)

Shion said...

1819 : it\'s an honour , u guys keep it up !

Ah 9 : Some bad news -_-;;

jd said...

sorry i couldnt make it that night..

i am PLAIN lazy

i couldn't convince my lazy ass to drag it down from where i was to jus across the river.

there's always next time yah !!!

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