Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hong Kong Trip

I took the chance to drop in on Hong Kong before my return to China for some shopping cos I've been deprieved for too long. Ms Dj was there with me and of course Ms Gothic too .

Unlike Singapore, Hong Kong shopping choices are fantastic ! I'll say it's the best place to go after Japan . The shops they have and the stuff they carry are simply great compare to poor Singapore. It've been years since I last visited HK and so much have changed. The people are juz so friendly and I spent 3 days roaming the street of HK from morning till night. Exhausting but fun. I'm juz too lazy to write about all the shops I've been to . Freshness did a review on some of the prominent shops in Hong Kong so go check that out . I'll add Zabool and Incredible to the list of must go shops , but seriously , there are juz so many other shops that must be checked out ! I simply don't have enough time and money ... shitz.

One thing I noticed, so many people are wearing BAPE there it's almost sickening. It's like a BAPE factory parade. but spend your time and you'll find a lot of good store carrying good stuff !

Look wat I've found at some back alley of the HK street :

Mutherfucking William Hun !!! We were laughing our ass off to this one .

Have dinner at this cool turkish resturant. The food is great with sexy belly dancer !

I spend whatever money I have and this is 2 of my favourite purchase : Rebel8 hoodie and SILAS Jeans . I got a great deal on the hoodie as it was 50% off at Trippy. Great for the cold weather in Shenyang.

My buddy Hasheeme ( Punkidz / Kix-Files ) . Thanks for spending the Sunday with me dude ! really appreciate it !

Definately will be back to HK soon !


Ah 9 said...

hong kong is da coolz!

k said...

siao liao lah, you write till so good... sure go broke at the end of the month when i'm there...

whateverstreet said...

i want to go back to hk too....

Shion said...

U should !!!

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