Thursday, February 23, 2006

I am so tired now that I am falling asleep in front of my computer. Must be the red wine and beer I had yesterday night.

Spent my birthday with Dan and a fellow associate in my apartment while all my crewz and homies are at the SURRENDER first annivesary party back in Singapore. I wonder how the interview with SURRENDER goes ?

And yeah we watched Seven Swords and i must say it's really not too impressive. I did not like the martial art moves, too soft for my liking. Great for a book but I don't think the film really do justice to it.

Something to wet my appetite ... fucking evil temptation !

pictures and info via Punkidz

Pickup News:
Gorgeous retro mixtapes site recommended by Paul Mittleman . Totally wicked for me to enjoy yesterday once more.


aberwyn said...

you are so tired that you did a double post. lol

rainbow said...

tat vintage zip hoodie.. totally twisted.. niiiiiiiceee...

Ah 9 said...

Happy Birthday Punk!!!

Shion said...

Oh helll yeah !

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