Monday, February 27, 2006

Heavy snow again on friday ... the heaviest we experienced so far ... the roads juz disappeared and the airpot was shut down.

I have to give respect to my driver who can drive in this kind of fucking condition! I mean , look at the photo , how the fuck can he see the road !?

Me and Dan roll on the weekend and picked up more beers for consumtion with friends ....

I have consumed more beers in 3 months in Shenyang then one year in Singapore ... can't be good right ??

Finally the waiting is over . The latest Tee print from Methamphibian juz dropped. I juz picked up these two ...

Just have to watch out for my mailbox now.

Hasheeme juz sent me tis link abt LUMP 3rd anniversary party ...

I seriously do not understand the Japanese's obsession with Nazism ... it's every where ! If you know Visual Kei you will know what I am talking abt. If you do something like tat in Europe you are as good as finished ha !

But hey , they invited DJ Krush for the party and tat can only be COOL ! I still remember the set he played at Velvet Underground Club Singapore ... he is totally posessed when he's on the decks !


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