Thursday, May 05, 2005


I wonder if any of you are going for this ?

BREAK! The Urban Funk Spectacular, which will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on May 27, is set to thrill with a fantastically enthusiastic, eardrum-blastingly entertaining, energy packed break dance concert that will leave you breathless with its unstoppable display of gravity defying gyrations executed with mesmerising synchronicity.

Acrobatics, robotics, mime and inspirations from freestyle tap to hip hop sizzle across the stage as New York’s finest urban artistes combine athletic ability and graceful choreography to bring you a show of mind-blowing movements performed to a pumping soundtrack provided by a live DJ and Master Percussionists in a mega-club setting.

BREAK!, presented for the first time in Singapore, has received standing ovations across 5 continents. Come catch them in their one-night only concert before they move on to their next destination! Local talent Sheikh Haikel will also be making an appearance as Celebrity MC.

“Irresistible!” – The New York Times

“Long continuous standing ovations!” Westfaeli News

“The audience is left wondering if their bodies are completely boneless or just more crash resistant than a Volvo. BREAK! is a blast!” The Scotsman

Will be going to CONTROL ROOM LIVE UNIT too on the 21st of May.


lancerlord said...

Break! feels very happening!

suspiciousbastard said...

Nope. Don't go to such performances. Rather slack off at home.

Shion said...

lancerlord : Go fot it lah !!!

suspiciousbastard: Stay at home also not bad leh ... something which I wanted to do but juz can't ... sigh

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