Monday, April 25, 2005

The Perverts ate Zouk alive !

Now, when you've been to Zouk for the past twelve years, you would not expect any surprises any more. But hell I was wrong.

Went down to Zouk on Friday to catch the Scratch Perverts. (I seldom go down to Zouk on a Friday night. The reason being it's a night for the hip-hopper. In fact, this is the first Friday of 2005 that I ever been to Zouk. ) Now, the Scratch Perverts are not some artists you wanna miss if you are an electronic or hip-hop fan. They are known for their out-of-this-world scratching skill which totally show that the turntable can be an musical instrument, not just a record player. And to name themselves Scratch Perverts, they better scratch like some fucking perverts. And hell, scratch like perverts they did!

The Scratch Perverts were both wearing SURRENDER limited editional T-Shirts.... did they get those from James Lavalle?? ( Talking about Tee Shirt , a Caucasian guy came up to me half way through the set telling how cool my T-Shirt was. Thanks Mr. Caucasian, I know my T-Shirt is cool, and no, you cannot have it. )

Needless to say, the Scratch Perverts were flawless in their execution – the cross fader and their hands were moving in the speed of light, the sound of vinyl burning off the needle, loops screaming and samples dropped like bombs …

Beward of these two perverts!!

The crowds were totally mesmerized. Great tunes were dropped, the hip hop crowds went wild and I was totally smacked when they dropped DJ Shadow and soon after Prodigy’s FireStarter.

But the hint of things going to another level came when they dropped the classic Drum N Bass track “Original Nutta” by the Shy FX ! Ms Dj and me looked at each other – shit , they are not gonna do what we thought they are gonna do, right ?

The BPM started to pick up, the hip hop crowd were feeling uncomfortable and before you know it, the Perverts had switched their set into the unholy land of Drum N Bass!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic tech-step tracks are dropped like nuclear bombs! Suddenly out of nowhere the local Drum N Bass crewz were seen invading the dance floor. Many of the hip-hop crowd cleared the floor – those pussies can’t take the assault of 200 BPM DnB drilling through the speaker!

This is the first time ( any one of you correct me if I’m wrong ) ever in the history of Zouk that Drum N Bass has been heard in the fucking main room ! This is the first time ever in the history of Zouk that the dark sound of Tech Step has ever been ripping through the speakers of the main room!!!!

Those mutherfuckerz are insane!!!!!!!!!!

For 45 minutes the dark soundz of Drum N Bass ate Zouk alive.

3:15a.m, the Perverts gloriously existed and returned Zouk to Andrew Chow.

I can only describle the night as ORGASMIC. Never did I expect that I will be treated to a surprise at Zouk. This will be one of the Night of 2005.


polyclinic records said...

kiat from guerilla played dnb b4 a few yrs back...

Lincoln's not a big fan of jungle so dunch expect an influx of the 180bpms acts to the main floor. and i din think the main crowd were up to it oso..saw alot of stunned..podium even cleared up when they were initially filled with chicks shaking their booty....hehe
yup the wait for dnb from the perverts was well worth it tho, especially the last track (amen breaks galore..)

Dunchno if ur a real big fan but check back (if u r unaware?) for updates on events...

cheers \m/

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