Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Watch out Turntablists , here come the DJammer

Finally someone somewhere , at HP that is, came out with an idea that can actually give Apple's iPod a fight, maybe.

Not only it can play mp3, it enable user to scratch in real time , stream and even mix in real time !

* Mic input
* Hold/scratch tracks, via sophisticated motion sensors
* Streaming to other devices for collaboration

Complet detail at HP research site

Now this piece of tech will definately be BIG with the DANCE generation. If it ever see the light of the day, this may be a "new" music instrument which artists can perform with, musch like the turntable.

But still, nothing can and should replace the turntable. The sound of records running on needle is priceless.


IZ Reloaded said...

Pretty neat. I will check with my friends at HP if they can let us know more about this prototype.

Shion said...

You do juz that man !

Personally I'm very excited with this product.

Can you believe it , HP actually think of it .

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