Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I recieved an email minutes ago and it goes like this :

L'équipe de Francecore est heureuse de vous inviter à visiter la nouvelle version du site web:»
http://www.francecore.netFrancecore.net est le site francophone Web dédié à l’actualité des musiques électroniques et à leur création.

Il vous propose de découvrir en ligne des chroniques, des actualités, des morceaux inédits à télécharger et bien d'autres choses encore.Toutes nos informations sont accessibles librement, et sont écrites coopérativement par la communauté des utilisateurs du sites.

Nous espérons vous apporter une approche différente et complémentaire de la musique électronique par rapport aux médias classiques, et aux autres site Internet.
Bonne visite

O.O;; I have no fucking idea what it's trying to tell me ....

But hey ! I noticed the word "Bonjour" ... so this must be in french. So off I went to my trusty Alta Vista Bebel Fish and seek out the answer.

Wala ! Plain simple English :

Hello, The team of Francecore is happy to invite you to visit the new version of the Web site: "http://www.francecore.net

Francecore.net is the French-speaking site Web dedicated to the topicality of the electronic musics and their creation. It proposes to you to discover in line of the chronicles, the current events, the new pieces to download and well other things still. All our information is accessible freely, and is written cooperatively by the community of the users of the sites. We hope to bring to you an approach different and complementary of the electronic music compared to the traditional media, and other Internet site.
Good visit.

The whole site is in FRENCH ...


Well, whoever sent this to me must have came across my music site . Yes, I do music. For those of you who give a dime , this is my group , or rather my solo project : Crying Mother Earth aka C.M.E .

Let me see , I haven't update that site for like a year !! Damn ...

I guess my work is killing all my creative cell. Let me ponder for a while : When was the last time I sit down and do music ?
I can't fucking remember.

This is no good.

I was actually going somewhere with my music . Nothing great , just released a track on an Australian CD compilation and a 12" LP with 50 others band that have not been released yet. Yes, 50 other bands on a double LP . I guess that's why it took forever to be released ha ha. But it feel great when you do music and some guy think it's worth to put it on a CD and release it for you, You kinda feel appreciated and maybe even believe that your music is listenable.

Who am I kidding ? How many people listen to the kind of shit I'm doing any way ...

Any one dig Digital Hardcore ?

*Look around .... no one.

See , I told you.

But the whole point is : Seem like most of us ( well, at least people that I know ) are so caught up in their jobs , their chase for the paper and money , the chase for hot chick , have actually no time to do what we really wanted to do , be it music , art or even siting at the beach and watch the sun goes down.

Well at least for me that's the sad truth. I work 6 days a week . Most of the time when I reach home , I feel like I just fought ten elephants. Where got inspiration to do anything huh ?

Shit , I need to do something about this soon.

To qoute from an early Orbital's Track : " Son, it's better to regret on something you have done than on something you have not done. " The track's name is SATAN , so I don't know if this is even a good advice.

But I think it somehow make sense.


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