Monday, November 15, 2010

Arktika - A Fire to Everything


Our cities become a wasteland.
Shopping mall ghosttowns.
To buy is to be free
says the credit card ad.
an honorable citizen
as long as you’re in debt.

An emptiness you can’t explain
comes from late night shifts.
a lifetime in the factory
replaced by machines.
paid just enough
to keep your mouth shut.

No creativity, no freedom
in this system we built on graves.
i’m not a machine, i’m a human being
in this system that we built on graves.

Is this how we choose to live?
is this the way you want to live?
i’m just a spark to a fire.

No more orders
from corrupt leaders.
no more peace
from warlords in disguise.

i wage a war even if i cannot win
as long as there’s no peace
for the average man.

How am i supposed
to put a child into your world.
that’s been reigned
by money, war and hate.
(you turned me) from driftwood
to a thorn in your heart.
from a spark in my heart
to a fire in your house.
from a hand in my pocket
to a fist in your face.
may these words fuel a fire.
a fire to everything.

From a spark to a fire.
(a fire) to everything.
We are a fire to everything.
a fire to everything.
No more more peace.
a fire to everything.


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