Sunday, June 06, 2010

So Long As It Is Black

So Long As It Is Black

I can't quite remember where and when I came across this online magazine but the title caught my attention immediately. The title itself said it all: So Long As It Is Black. That strike a chord with me as I have long been a "Black" fan.

It all started with me discovering metal music. As cliche as it may sound, Black was and still is the order of the day for the metal music scene. Doesn't matter the out-dated notion of black representing evil. It is the most worn and time enduring color in fashion. I still remember the classic tee that me and my mates worn with pride: Good Guys Wear Black, inspired by the 1978 Chuck Norris flick of the same name.

The obsession with Black ( and white ) soon transcend into my other interest: Photography. The feel and ambiance created by black and white photography works somehow inspire me more than any others and it's no coincidence that two of my favorite photographer: Boogie and Hedi Slimane are well known for their black and white works.

It's no wonder that I soon become a big fan of So Long As It's Black as they feature anything from fashion, lifestyle, art, culture, gadgets and anything cool, well, so long as it is black.

Dive in and check out all the cool features they have and if you are not already a "Black" fan, you will soon be one.

So Long As It Is Black


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