Thursday, May 15, 2008

China - The Other Side of the Coin

"Many people have the mistaken idea that Tibetan society before “Chinese rule” was a Utopia. In reality, Tibet was a feudal society ruled by an aristocracy that owned a disproportionate amount of land while maintaining a system of chattel slavery. After the Communist Revolution unified the country, slavery was abolished, land and education reform were instituted and women were granted equal rights.

These reforms, however, were too much for the Tibetan aristocracy. With assistance from the CIA, they launched a violent rebellion in 1959 after refusing to abolish slavery and implement other reforms (see “The Tibetan Myth” by Michael Parenti, for example).

Another favorite tool of the human rights crusaders is to quote U.S. state department documents referencing “beatings” and “torture” in Chinese prisons. These reports, likely being fabricated in the first place for political purposes, also fail to make comparisons between China and other nations. Human Rights Watch, for instance, has criticized the U.S. – which has the highest imprisonment rate in the world – for ill treatment of prisoners. "

~ Nicholas Altieri IDSNEWS.COM

After all, we are just spawns of the political machine that enslave us. The angels today are devils tomorrow. Victors wrote the history and we believe what they want us to.


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