Monday, February 04, 2008

Making Record Covers - Hal Udell Interview by PingMag

Making Record Cover ( And More ) In Japan - Hal Udell

"I remember buying my first record when I was eleven years old and studying every detail of the sleeve design while I listened to the music. There is such a strong link between design and music! " ~ Hal Udell

I too missed those days digging for records and looking at the record sleeve trying to connect and appreciate it with the music. Buying music was a total experience - in term of sound , design and concept. The effort we put in getting our hands on that 12" , no digital download of today can compare.

I guess music kinda become disposable, become a one and zero data file that u can get with just one click and into a digital player anytime. It become effortless, and we tend to take it for granted with things that come so easily.

It goes true with things in our life, we took for granted with those that can be attended and received easily. When we have abundance choices, it wouldn't hurt to just throw something away cos there's always a replacement.

Dig it !?


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