Friday, February 01, 2008

3 Years of Utter Nonsense

Well, I juz noticed I've been blogging for 3 fucking years. It've been hell of a 3 years. I started this blog on a total different intention as compare to what it had been today. I've met great people because of this blog, and stuff I talked about back then are totally different. Dun be mistake thou, my lifestyle and beliefs hadn't changed but my way of expression had. It was more of adjusting to people reading this waste of space at the start. Through the years I started to blog more for myself than for some strangers who dun give a fuck any way. For those who are still reading this ( I know a few of you yeah ! ) after 36 months, really appreciate it but I would believe that you are interested in what I post rather than I am posting stuff because of you.

Changes is the only thing that's permanent. I've gone through hell lot of shit for the past few months. I've to start all over again looking at people, things that happen around me, hell even my notion of friendship was challenged and mercilessly torn down. Changes dun have to be bad. Every mistake is a lesson learn. Those who stay true till the end are the real friends which you may not notice. Those who you think you love could hurt you the most. What goes around come around, and the truth will hit you like a great ball of fire. But at the end of the day, no regrets and persistent of DREAM will not die.

A Dream is like Curse. It'll hunt you for life if it's not fulfilled.

I do not know if I'll stop doing this but this will always be one form of my way of expression. Some great things may come in the near future, but I've learn to not expect and deal with things as it come along. So if one day there's no update, either I'm fucking dead or I've found another outlet of pouring my bullshit !

So to all my homies, we'll continue to FUCK THE WORLD ! Time for BEER !


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