Thursday, October 04, 2007

44beatz @ Pure, MOS Oct 2007

Currently STONED beyond all recognition ... 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours
backache but its worth it for the 44Beatz crewz
Never fail to have a good time with the best mates around yo

Yours truly rockin the visual wall
Module8 fucked so it's kinda crap
Gotta iron out the adjustment with my guru soon
Down but not out !

Who let out the wild animals again ??
Our Captain Clark and Dance Floor Commender and who's that girl ?
Only we know yoz !!

See more photos and vids coming up
Drop in 44Beatz and give us some love !
We are on Facebook but warning no poke or I shoot!
But if you post beautiful pcitures and show us love we promise we get u in on the list yo
Wat do you get if y'all in the list ? Rock us to find out
haters lovers all the same~
If you hate us do it better than us !!

Something wild and inkz comin' to y'all soon
Dun hold your breathe, you may DIE!!
Trust my homies with this one
look out on this space for the COMING ... of the next wave of
... whatever u wanna call it



1 day 44beatz must have a gig in HK!!!

got any sponsor?

Shion said...

Kix-Files maybe ? Hahahaha love to the HK crewz yo !

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