Saturday, September 22, 2007

44beatz @ Pure, MOS

You see it right, 44beatz is back and this time you better be there. Mark ur calender 03 Oct 2007 and bring all your money and give it to us ! Show them we can empty the alcohol fasterthan they can say "geez" ~

As usual yours truely will vandalize the videos wall and if you wanna see urself send ur sexy photo to me, only girls apply sorry boyz you have to wait for the next round unless u bring a skateboard yo !!

You guys know I am joking right? Get a sense of humour~

Guess who are on the wall lately ? The freak is going places and frightening small children so keep your daughters at home !! Much respect to Alex Chua for putting up a fantastic show and showing Singaporean the art of tattooing. And Visual Orgasm well represented !!!


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