Friday, August 03, 2007

Japan Pictures Blast

Boy am I back but truthfully my heart still in the land of the rising sun. back to slaving world of dead robot workers ain't no fun but you gotta do wat you gotta do.

So fuck the world yeah !

A few blasts and then some ... i hate resizing photo cos i am lazy and just wanna chill so here is all i got for now :

Day one I've been a good boy and end up in a chilling temple talking to the Buddha yo !

Sumo season and you see these bad ass trying to knock each other flat, not gonna get any where near one of them ~

Day 2 Harajuku, the worst for a collector junkies cos this place is where you bury your cash and head home with lot of clothes and metal

Day 3 the legendary road of speed !! Tokyo Bay which nobody ever visit cos it's full of factories but it's where you go for car parts ! There's where my boy marcus spent tonnes on more metal and gears !!

We headed for Shibuya at night and the vinyl collector wet dream came true ! Each record shop sell one genre of music ... wat can i say ? You got the techno shop, the trance shop and the motown jazz ... all represented and spreading the beats !

This is the stash we got from our home boy Jason Unknown ~ SHOUTS and thanks for all the plastic boy !

Day 4 Shinjuku where the buying stay low for a while as we chill and take in the sight of Tokyo ~ but i must say Isetan is a evil place that should be avoided if you want your cash safe in your wallet : the biggest and dopest japan label are all there for the taking : Number Nine and Mastermind ... did I mention Number Nine !?

Day 5 the official APPLE Store and Akibahara , where the geeks and the gadgets freak gather and get lost in the matrix .... bang !

Day 6 we met up with our Tokyo boys , the Remix-Remixer crew ! Respect and LOVE for the hospitality !

Sorry I forgot the name ~ , Toki san , the crazy Yoshi san and of course the talented Yugo !! Yugo just came out with an album with the hottest artists in Tokyo scene and they go by the name of Loud 69 Punx so check it out and send some love !

We visited Yugo's studio and have a nice chat with him.

Day 7 back to Shinjuku for kabukicho to check out all the nice girls and urisen hustling on the street ~ you know it's a crazy place since century

Day 8 music gears shopping where the DJs got their gears but no photos yet , it'll be on a later date ;) some evil beats is coming from Singapore with gears bought in Japan so just tuning in ~

We went back to Harajuku again ... you can never get enough of that place ... and catch up with our home boy the hustling world beats spinning HOWL ~ keep spinning and chopping those beats dude ;)

Day 9 , wat we had came to Tokyo for : FUJI MUTHERFUCKING ROCK !!!

raving with 30,000 people at the base of a mountain ... you have to be there to know how it feel like ~ higher than high !

The food is another thing I love but one week of japanese diet is fair game enough ~

And the place we sleep our as off and amused by all the "activities" around us

tha's it for now till the freak get inspired to write again ~


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