Friday, December 29, 2006


Got my new tattoo courtesy of VISUAL ORGASM , as usual only the best from Joseph !

A whole new year in front of us so HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my homies! And in case u guys wonder what happened to Xmas ... well I'll say fuck Xmas cause as long as it's hijacked by the Christian I'll never celebrate Xmas ! Jesus ain't born on the 25th of December so get your fact right yeah. They burn heretics and yet they are celebrating a pagan festive as their own ... sorry I ain't buying that.

Nuff of that bullshit. The new year is gonna be different for me. Hope I can achive what I set out to do and yeah , I made a special promise to that special someone so I am gonna try my best to fulfill. And to all my homies let's try to FUCK THE WORLD this time round yeah !


Hasheeme said...

let's start the war!

Kevin said...

Beautiful... the spider's like one of the best I've seen as a tattoo!

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