Saturday, October 14, 2006

SLAYER LIVE but where's all the demons ?

Wonder why I can still take such photos when I'm upfront almost smelling the blood of the metal gods dripping down while playing all the classics !?

Because there's no mutherfucking mosh pit !!! Singapore metalhead are lame mutherfuckers !!! Yeah I ain't afraid to say that, at least for those who attended last night Slayer's concert !

Hand waving and head banging !? Are that all yer can do when the god of trash play LIVE in front of all yer ? What's up with these people ??

And Slayer was not allow to play certain songs, so all the anti-religion songs juz ain't coming thru ... we know who to fuck for that one.

Iwonder if those guys regret bringing that only Southeast Asia date to Singapore .. fuck that !


Ah 9 said...

the underground gigs are probably more happening....hehehe

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