Monday, July 31, 2006

Repack and Relaunch

Spend the weekend repacking my room - relaunching my life on the island. Throwing away so many stuff like throwing away memories. But old have to make way for new and like life we have to move on, only the precious remain.

HookedClothings@HEADLINE, Zouk

The Headline show at Zouk was kinda disappointing for me cause whatever showcase weren't that exciting, not saying that they're not good but I expected more. Could have be better given a venue and time that good.

Caught up with Nic and the Eastcoast boyz. We go a long time back. I am really happy for Nic knowing he's playing at the winebar every Saturday now. All yer who are into some chill down tempo goodness give him a shout if you drop by there.

Life changed so much for all of us since we met like years back. Some still stuggle for the dreams, some lost touch and got beaten down, some finding themselves again ... it's good to be in touch with the boyz again.

Covering Meat Katie at MOS and he's murdering the crowd with his breakz and tech funky beeps and all was good for the night, at least for us.

It ain't dope if u dun show ur hands up !


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