Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today is the first time I reached Hong Kong by boat. All bases covered y'all know ! Not a bad ride, one hour and 15 minutes from Humen, China.

U have no fucking idea what we have to go through in Humen. If we stay any longer both of us will be poisoned by alcohol so badly that we'll juz fall flat and curl up like a worm. "

3 days of rest and liberation before we're back in war zone. We are virtually fighting a WAR now with our China operation. We'll juz make sure we take those suckers out by all means necessary.

Hong Kong smell like home to me cos they are juz so similar. Back on TST cos we have enuff of Causeway Bay living 2 weeks ago.

Catch up with homie and dudes soon right here in the Pearl of the Orient!


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