Monday, June 12, 2006

Was watching a documentray on trash metal and it bought back so much memories.

the 80s were really a golden period for us. So many new bands playing faster and harder music ... everybody were getting tired of the Glam Rock output and wanted something new, something real.

That was the period I got into hardcore punk. New york Hardcore scene is exploding all around the world.

Youth of Today. Earth Crisis. Minor Threat. Resurrection etc.

And I got into the Krishnacore movement : Shelter. 108 etc.

And before long Discharge.Crass .Conflict and the arrival of the UK Crust : DOOM . Excrement of War. Dischange. Antischism etc.

That was the period I enjoyed most. Fans and musician are friend. We do our own fanzines and demo tapes. We traded music and words. Suddenly I know all these bands around the world, even places like Finland and Brasil. Everybody were part of the scene. Everybody contribute to the scene. It was a global family of extreme and underground music. A movement that we are proud to be part of.

No superstar bands. No barrier.


Ah 9 said...

woah...i havent seen those band names in quite awhile...hehehehehe


how many of thos ebands u listen to ?


Ah 9 said...

abit here and there, but i do not remember the songs. My buddy was totally into them many years back.

I had a Youth of Today tshirt...haaa it's still in my cupboard.

Used to go gigs with my buddy in sg...bodysurf and stuff. Haaa

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