Monday, April 24, 2006

When i pop on to Catalytic Attack website, i got a shock of my life when I saw this

At first I thought Catalytic Attack is selling KIDS tee but I rememebr there's no white version ever. As I look closer I was shock to see it's released as a Catalyic Attack design !! What the fuck !!??

We all know this design was released by KIDS for some time and the design was by Hasheeme of Punkidz's fame and he've been using that design as his avatar in KF forum for some time now ... juz check the PK's blog and you will know what I mean .

This is really a shame ... I dun know what Catalyic Attack is gonna say about this but for a new venture and for someone who've been involve in the scene for some time now , this is juz totally fucking insane !

What's up SUCKERS !!!!

Updates : Seem like Catalytic Attack pulled the design off their web and hopefully from their shelf too.


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