Thursday, April 06, 2006

  • Been listening to a lot of Jane's Addiction old album these days. Ritual de Hibitual is already recognised as one of the greatets rock album ever . I still remember listening to that album for months without it leaving my CD player since I got my hands on it. It was a very emotional album to be personally, and I was going through the lyrics again and again and somehow each songs touched something inside of me ... especially the song 3 days. It's an addiction that i never could kick , hell no.

"We saw shadows of the morning light
the shadows of the evening sun
till the shadows and the light were one"

  • I've juz installed this neat little software on my PC and now I can stream my music and get to my pictures where ever there's a internet connection! In another words, I have access to my huge music collection at home, even when I'm at work !

It's funny some years ago I was discussing with one of my dude that they should juz step up on getting the whole planet wired with so we can have high speed internet connection every where and all we need is juz a small little device that can stream music or access files right from our home computer. Let's see how far are we away from that day.



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