Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring is here. That means a lot of strong wind and rain, bad for your fucking face. The air will not be getting any better. What a great beginning, no ?

Today I spend too much time on the internet and run through so many websites and news feed I think I am going numb ~ the electronic monitors are ruling my life like a cyborg plugged into the mainframe. Industrial beats and grinding guitars fill my 4 walls of existence as I digest gigabytes of information through the cables that connect me to the world.

I think I have finally decided : I am getting a iBook ... soon

Meanwhile, the Sense of Life

- Fashion/Culture

*Interview with Noriaki Endo, founder of Devilock via Freshness
*16 ways to tie your shoelaces via IZ Reloaded

- Music
*Videos from Ninjatune Record

- Graphic/Visual
*Photoshop Tip: Grab colors from anywhere on your desktop via Lifehacker
*Remove Colour Cast in Photos
*Grafucka: new anthology of erotic art created by a diverse group of international artists.
*Windows Desktop icons at war !!

- Tech
*iPod Phone Coming ? via digg
*China block VOIP via digg

*Bruce Lee interview 1971 Hong Kong via we make money not art


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