Saturday, January 28, 2006

Adam Freeland @ MOS

Event D.Y.I

The girls are doing it !

And guess what, I'm back juz in time to catch Adam Freeland , the godfather of Nu Skool Breakz !

Adam Freeland was rocking the crowd for 3 hours with his signatue rockish breakz mayhem ... the crowd was a mixture of familar breakz heads and those who are kinda lost to the music. It's kinda disappointing to see him played a total CD set but hey, that seem to be the way most DJs are heading toward so ... I know it's a bitch to travel with hundreds of records . But what matter last night is Adam Freeland did what he's here for and gave us all a pretty good time ! ( By the way he's a real nice guy ! )

By the way check out the ultra limited Marine Parade Etnies , very classic I must say.


Kevin said...

Adam Freeland is da' Bomb. His "We Want Your Soul" track is the damnest piece of work and I can't help but say he knows how to keep it real. Are some of the people in your photos from Frontal?

Shion said...

Oh hell yeah , many Frontal guys are down there that night.

They interviewed Adam Freeland, so did Juice and BreakinAsia.

Don;t u juz miss the club nights here ?

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