Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Chemical Beats any one ?

Just got my hand on The Chemical Brothers' remix album. Even though there's nothing new about their style and sound but I still love it. It just take me down the memory lane of those Big Beats days ... any one who had been there will know what I mean. And they remixed some classic tracks from Bomb the Bass, The Charlatans, Primal Screams and even the Prodigy. It's like memories on memories.

I don't know if any of you realised that there are more and more club night dedicated to the so call "Indie" sound. Adrain Wee's POPTART started it, Kinemat got into it and now Zouk's very own MASH'D at the Phuture room.

The last POPTART at Phuture is so bad that I walked out and never step inside again. I'm not saying the music is no good but Phuture's sound system is not tuned for loud guitars you stupid idiots ! You want to do a good night at least get the sound right ... I hope MASH'D isn't gonna sound as fuck up.

And yeah, since Zouk is up and running again, I guess I'm not gonna be asked " Where to go tonight ? " again by all my club junkies friends.


Kevin said...

I grew up to like electronica through Chemical Brothers... I think nothing beats their album, Exit Planet Dust

Shion said...

Yeah dude, how can anyone beats Exit ? It defined an era and genre.

Ah 9 said...

CB is leet!

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