Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The worst DJs I have seen this year

Was at Zouk on Saturday night and I juz have to say this :

Gabriel & Dresden are the worst DJs I have seen this year at Zouk..

For a start they don't even fuckng play records. I have no problem if yer used the laptop for your DJ set but fucking do more then fucking play with the fucking mixer ! How difficult is it to play a pre-programmed set and turning the mixer's knob ?????? One person can get the job done, and Zouk have to fucking pay two of you to do it. Any fucking person can do that ! So what if your selection of songs are great ????

It's just plain lazy and a fucking rip off. If I have paid for the gig I would have fuckign thrown my mug of beer at you two cheating morons. You are paid to DJ, not waving your hands at the crowd. We can fucking hire dancers to do that. And please, we did not come to see your girlfriends dancing their ass on the DJ console, it's just fucking irritating.


aberwyn said...

everbody is equal. some are more equal than others. :)

Ah 9 said...

That's a funny mugshot of them. Haha

Shion said...

aberwyn: I have noticed. And I have also noticed it is the mindless mass that make certain individual more equal then others.

ah 9: They look moronic , dun they ? Wahahahaha

Little fish said...

these days alot of djs are switching or incorporating Ableton Live and Reason systems. So they do "nothing more than twiddle knobs". it's taken alot of finesse out of dj-ing. Chill mate, it didn't cost you more that they came. wasn't there cause I sprained my ankle. so can't comment on the set.

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