Sunday, July 10, 2005

Elevation 280

9th July 2005 , the night that the Freestylers almost bought the roof top of the Market Street Car Park down ! It was an event anticipated by many clubbers. You don't usually get to party on the roof top of a 8 storey car park in the middle of Shenton Way, do you ?

Apologies for the poor sound quality of the below videos. I was right up in the front and the speakers are LOUD ! My poor camera juz can't handle that ~~~

We went up at around 11p.m and totally missed the performance by our local boys The DKMPROJECT. ( Sorry dudes, was at Zouk earlier) . Andrew Padula was playing but his music kinda didn't interest me so we took the time to walk around.

It was not too long before The Bentley Rhythm Ace DJ start putting on their records and warm the crowd up with their brand of funky Big Beats tune. I tell you, if these two guys are not DJs, they can pretty well be good comedians.

A video stream of their performance here :

Now ain't they enjoying themselves ?? Fuck , I think they had a better time on stage then us ! They did a pretty good job in warming up for what's to come: THE FREESTYLERS !

MC Surreal

This is the first time the current line up of The Freestylers ever played LIVE as a band which they formed only in the beginning of this year, if my information is not wrong. And hell do they rock! With MC Surreal hyping up the vibe, the whole dance floor is grooving to the new and classic Freestylers tunes like mad !

The Freestylers are one of the latest act from the original Big Beats Era that I've caught LIVE.

Let me do a list :

Asian Dub Foundation ( LIVE at Fort Cunning Hill)
The Prodigy ( LIVE at KL Tower, Malaysia)
Fat Boy Slim ( LIve at Zouk )

Not bad for a Breakbeat/Big Beat fan yo.


airhole said...

bro, i got 2 words for you man..




Shion said...

Aiyoh Bro , I go there and work one lah. I go all over taking video, leave u alone on the dance floor u sure dun wan one right ? :p

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