Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Wonder of Sunset ( Video )

While Faith Toh discovered the wonderful sunset at Punggol , me and my West Side crewz took a trip to Tuas and saw this :

Click on image to view Video

Was helping a friend to take same shots for her visual project for a up coming gig. When the West Side roll , we roll with style !

A ride fits for the West Side Video


KnightofPentacles said...

The best sunset I have seen in Singapore was off the reclaimed land at Tuas.

Head for the Tuas power station. Make a right into the dead-end road. And then off the road, up the unmarked dirt track onto the land reclamation zone. Stop where the dirt track ends and hike for another good kilometre or so.

270-degree arc of the horizon with almost 160-degrees of sky, seeing the colours change in the shifting clouds.

Shion said...

knightofpentacles : Thanks for the tip ! Sure to check it out !

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