Monday, June 20, 2005


BeingHunted carry an interview with James Lavelle(UNKLE and Mo Wax) and Earn Chen (Ambush - Sinapore Street Wear shop ) regarding their SURRENDER label/shop.

Earn Chen : We started in Singapore because this is my home. Besides, it is always good to go against the grain and do something different. I bet most of the people who start out wants to have a store in Tokyo, I mean who doesn't? But to us, we just want to do something against what everyone else is doing.

When I first checked out the SURRENDER shop at Far East I was and am still impressed with it concept : they devoted much of their shop space to visual art presentation , unlike many others that are simply filled with products for you to consume.

Check out the interview ...


suspiciousbastard said...

Not a good concept for a country that faced the Japanese not too long ago.

Shion said...

The imeprialist and nationalist Japanese you mean ?

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