Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm sick , all my thoughs are fragmented into tiny pieces so no way I can put together an entry that make sense any time soon. For god sake , I can't even concentrate on finishing reading a post by other bloggers. Hell do I love flu medicine .

Meanwhile , some shit that got me excited despite the drowsiness ....

Sony patents 'real life Matrix' - "THE Japanese entertainment giant Sony has patented an idea for transmitting data directly into the brain, with the goal of enabling a person to see movies and play video games in which they smell, taste and perhaps even feel things, it was reported today."

The only thing that keep me following so close on the developement of "virtual reality" technology - CYBER SEX . :p The idea of having sex with whoever you want, whatever way you want it , is too much a temptation to fight off.

Holo Screen - It projects a 16 million colour RGB linear light stream onto a wafer-thin field of vibrating dust particles that are naturally occurring in the air. Light refracting from these free-radical particles creates a two-dimensional hologram of your computer screen. It's so 'out there' science fiction, you can almost hear Jean Luc Picard murmuring "Make it so" in the background.

Bye bye CRT or even LCD ... this is the screen we all been waiting for!


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