Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Prodigy LIVE in KL

We bought tickets for a 26 seater Super VIP coach but somehow they upgrade us to a Executive coach at no extra cost. Personal TV.

It told us 6 hour to get to KL. After putting down our luggage we went out with our KL crewz for lunch and shopping. Hotel is just beside Jalan Alor ( the food street ) and all the major Shopping Center.

It's F1 fever in KL, as race day will be on Sudnay. A Ferrari on display.

The Prodigy gig that we came for is on Saturday so it's party night at ZOUK.

DJ Hyper will be there and rumours that Adam Freeland and Prodigy will most probably be at the club too. The gathering of Super Breakz Star. How can a Breakz music fan miss this ?

Nice architecture courtesy of Zouk's boss Lincoln.

With the KLCC twin tower as backdrop , it's just so fucking beautiful. My camera don't do juistice. Go there and see for yourself.

Dj Hyper set was a little disappointing cause he played exactly like DJ Tony . Since I heard DJ Tony play every weekend at Zouk Singapore, I am not amused. DJ Blink from KL throw in the usual big tunes at the end of the night, what's new ?

Adam Freeland and Keith of Prodigy were there alright. They even came down to the dancefloor and danced ! I can't describle how it feel to stand beside the psycho-somatic-insane Keith of the Prodigy. I am a happy man. He's a friendly dude.

It's fucking Prodigy LIVE !

That's only one word that any one who had attended a Prodigy gig will tell you : INTENSE !

We were right in the front. Itr was totally crazy. It've been more than 15 years that I last slam dance. The intensity of body slamming and moshing into each other : priceless.

I was at the breaking point of dehydration when Prodigy finished their gig. Maxim was great on the mic, Keith was a total psycho on stage .


Lynnylchan said...

Got camel cos they are ARAB-Malaysian Bank. But don't worry, not terrorist wan. (I hope)
What's Zouk KL like? Is it like Zouk Singapore?

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