Thursday, February 03, 2005

Make Love with Machine

Wooooo .... a robot that lust ??

"Scientists have made them walk and talk. There are even robots that can run. But a South Korean professor is poised to take their development several steps further, and give cybersex new meaning.

Kim Jong-Hwan, the director of the ITRC-Intelligent Robot Research Centre, has developed a series of artificial chromosomes that, he says, will allow robots to feel lusty, and could eventually lead to them reproducing. He says the software, which will be installed in a robot within the next three months, will give the machines the ability to feel, reason and desire. "

Get your sexbot here

Would a sexbot reduce sex crimes ?
Would a sexbot put an end to the centuries old trade of the fresh ?
Would a sexbot fulfill everyone deepest fantasy ? ( Come on, I know everyone have a sexual fantasy that no real life partner or even a paid prostitute can satisfy , right ? )


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